VLE gets Greener

At VLE we are committed to using less chemicals. We now only use soap nuts for all our laundry (5 nuts in a muslin bag can do 5+ washes) no chemicals and can be composted safely afterwards. We supply 100% organic natural soap nut shampoo and body soap for all our guests like Hemp & Patchouli, Ayurvedic Blend, Calendula & Chamomile and Oatmilk and Calendula 100% vegan and perfect for sensitive skins or those wishing for zero chemicals. xxx Better for you, better for the planet.

soap nuts

toms16-09-14 003

We are now only planting organic heirloom seeds in our vegetable garden. Our guests are welcome to use our produce. The tomatoes above have just ripened and are a juicy sweet full flavour Victorian variety.

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