Fishy Platter V & GF (High in DHA & EPA Fatty Acids)



If you are low in DHA fatty acids it could result in low mood and poor brain function. EPA & DHA fatty acids are very important for our overall health and this recipe has plenty and tastes amazing. After I placed a pea as an eye it felt a little weird as I would never eat a real fish.

Love and hugs from Tanya xxx

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Raw Potato Pastry Pie with Garden Vegetables and Pesto Dressing.

This is a fun starter or snack. The ingredients are inexpensive and healthy. V & GF


To make the pie-crust you need to grate two cupfuls of raw potato, you can use any potato, sweet potato would work well. Add the potato to a large bowl. In your processor with the s blade add 1 cup of organic oats and pulse until fine and resembling flour, add this to the potato in the bowl. Next drizzle over the mixture some olive oil about 2 tbsps, then add some herbs of your choice, I used herbs de provence, rosemary would work well or basil, add a pinch of sea salt. You can pulse all the mixture together in your processor if you like a smooth finish, or you can mix in your bowl with enough water to bind the mixture together to form a dough like ball. In individual silicone mini tartlet cases press with your fingers enough dough mixture into the case to make a blind tart. Place your filled cases into the dehydrator oven at 45 C for 1.5 hours, then carefully remove from the silicone cases and sit your blind pie cases back on the shelf and bake for a further 8 hours at 50 C. All dehydrator ovens work a little differently so check your cooking regularly and adjust cooking times as needed. If you want to bake these in a conventional oven you can bake in the cases for around 20 mins at 120 F


The filling is chopped raw kale, carrots, with red and yellow peppers. For added protein have sprinkled puffed quinoa which is cooked. For the pesto add half a cup of shelled pistachios with pine nuts to your processor with the s blade, add about 1.5 tbsps of olive oil and half a cup of fresh basil leaves, add sea salt and pepper to taste and a little lemon juice. Blend ingredients together. Layer the filling into the pie case just before serving and enjoy.

Raw Organic Hemp & Kale Leaf Pâté

Raw Hemp & Kale Leaf pâté

We had a lot of rain recently which made the Kale and Hemp plants grow quite a bit. Am always interested in inventing new raw vegan recipes that are nutrient rich.


A good handful of Kale and young Hemp Leaves

Virgin Olive Oil to blend about 1/4 cup

1 clove of garlic chopped

4 rehydrated sun-dried tomatoes

3/4 cup of pistachios and a handful of walnuts

2 dehydrated apricots

1 dehyrdated Red Chilli (Hot) or 1 tsp Cayenne

Salt & Pepper

Blend together in a processor until all ingredients are a smooth spreading consistency.

Transfer to a sterilised jar, enjoy straight away or store in a fridge for up to 3-4 days.