Feel Good Counselling


If you have been feeling a little tense and you need to relax you may benefit from meditation or mindfulness practice. You can enjoy the inner calm of meditation or mindfulness with a simple class. You will learn meditation techniques that you can easily practice in your daily life.


If you have been feeling stressed in a way that has been negatively affecting your life then counselling is a way to get the extra help if you need it. You will have plenty of time to discuss what has been happening.
We problem solve together and work out a treatment plan that works for you so you can feel better soon.

Your initial counselling consultation is free of charge. Shortly afterwards you will receive your no obligation personalised care plan and treatment recommendations. If you are in agreement with your plan you can book your first appointment.

Let us plant flowers together in our hearts and minds.

Trust, confidentiality, empathy and teamwork is my commitment to you.

Appointments can be arranged at a time that suits you via telephone, facebook messenger, whatsapp, email or in person.

We will work together using proven skills and techniques.

with Tanya your vegan counsellor/psychotherapist

Previous treatment experience: Bipolar disorder, PTSD, Personality Disorder, Anger Management, Relationship problems, General anxiety, Chronic anxiety, Panic attacks, Stress, Depression, Couples therapy.

Tel: +34 634 35 48 92  (24 hours)



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