Fallas Denia – 19th March 2016

Every year in Denia they celebrate the Fallas. Beautiful wooden carved sculptures hand painted. They are displayed in the streets for everyone to view for several days. This is for Easter or Pascua in Spanish. Every night there is live music, candy floss stalls and roasted chestnuts and lots of others. The last night is called Fuego and they light the sculptures, there is music, fireworks and lots of activities that carry on until 3am. They light the winning sculpture at midnight and this is the film. You can feel an amazing happy energy with everyone smiling and it is suitable for young children and adults.

Youtube Link – Fallas Denia

Healing the body with food – free wellness workshop♥

If you are struggling with health issues such as BMI too high, Heart Disease, Inflammatory Disease or Depression and the drugs are not working as well as they should why not come along as find out about the latest medical research concerning the healing power of food. Will be giving a free monthly talk and Q+A for anyone that would like to know more. Spaces are limited so please email first.

wellness workshop