Revised Existing Bookings Policy

In light of the recent current events we have revised our current existing bookings policy. This is an unprecedented worldwide crisis and undoubtedly its affects will be felt more severely for small niche vegan enterprises and normal everyday people. For this reason we have thought very deeply to ensure that our new policy is fair on both sides. Each side is without fault and each side equally suffers. Please find below our 4 step recommendations. We hope we have met your needs and look forward to continuing a wonderful relationship with you our vegan friends and our lovely vegan holidays.

  1. If your flight has been cancelled please check with your travel insurance first. It is very likely you will be covered and reimbursed for the cost of your flight and accommodation. If you are able to do this please let us know.
  2. Currently there are no flying restrictions to this part of Spain.
  3. We will continue to honor all of your bookings until advised otherwise.
  4. Understandably if you do not wish to travel at this time or you do not have travel insurance we will continue to honor your booking. We will offer like for like, the same number of nights, the same accommodation at a time when it is more convenient or possible to travel.

We do not know how long this worldwide problem will last but we will continue to keep you informed and updated of any news or changes.

If you have any questions you can call me on +34 634 35 48 92

Here is also a useful website that is updated regularly concerning Spanish travel advice.

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