Online Vegan Cookery Demonstrations and Spiritual Journeys

We now have online classes!!!

Some very wonderful people that have stayed with us often ask how this or that was made. Am so happy that the food prepared here is enjoyed. So I am sharing what I have learnt over the years with some online cookery demonstrations.

Will be starting off with the basics great for those new to vegan cookery.

We will be adding a new class every week.

Will update this list weekly as new classes are added.

Online classes are 5 euros per month which will hopefully be 4 classes.

Hope you enjoy our Vegan Cookery Demonstrations and Spiritual Journeys.

Any feedback or questions very welcome.

Class 1. Vegan Cookery Demonstration. How to make light and fluffy vegan pancakes.

Class 2. How to make Chickpea omelette

Class 3. Introduction to Mindfulness

Class 4. Loving Kindness Meditation

To enrol click on the link on our homepage.

Thank you very much!!!

Tanya 😊🌻💛🌻


2 thoughts on “Online Vegan Cookery Demonstrations and Spiritual Journeys

  1. Hi Tanya,

    how will the classes take place?
    Is it a kind of video course?
    Or live classes?
    Or an instructions based on pictures and description?

    Greetings to Denia,

    • Hello Ulrich, how are you? It will be a series of video demonstrations. I hope to add one per week. It will be a mix of cookery demos starting off with the basics and a series of positive psychology classes. Sending you smiles, warm regards, Tanya

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