Future dreams for VLE – listening to our hearts ❤❤❤

​All profits during the next two years will be saved to open a safe haven for rescued animals, we are hoping to buy a plot of fertile land to grow vegetables, save animals and offer a much cheaper and less commercial but more spiritual holiday experience in the future with a couple of fully equipped eco wooden homes, with wood stoves and without neighbours,  with lots of privacy, lovely nature walks and outings to see and experience the wonderful Spanish culture.

We also wish to be able to offer free stays for people that want to help. Build a cobb oven and bake bread together. Rescue small farm animals like goats and chickens and give them a free happy life with a big area to roam. Chickens naturally love to sleep in trees and that is wonderful to see. To be off grid self sufficiency. To plant trees, create cosy indoor areas where you can sleep seeing the stars. Lots of flowers and the beauty of nature. lots of areas where the grass is allowed to grow long and is left untouched. 

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