Free Talk – Mind and Body Inner Wellness ♥♥♥

On Sunday December 11th from 2pm.
Diet, Stress and Thinking alters our DNA and causes changes to our genes. These reactions cause genes to turn on or be blocked from turning on. Learn how our diet, our reaction to stress and the way we think can improve or weaken the health of our mind and body.
This is new science that has emerged within the last 10 years and will hit the text books within the next 10 years. We are not a victim of our genes.
Have been studying these topics for the past six years and would love to share this information freely with you.
Topics will include the spiritual and scientific studies and research concerning Epigenetics, Telomeres, and much more!!!
Everyone is welcome to join the discussion and share knowledge !!!!2888-dalai-lama-xiv-quote-choose-to-be-optimistic-it-feels-better
If anyone wishes to eat we will have a few simple but wholesome hot meals to share.

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