Chill Out Holidays New at VLE ♥♥♥

Create your own unique holiday with us that focuses on activities that minimise stress and improve health. This is not a boot-camp style break. All activities offered are optional. We prefer that you remain your beautiful authentic self, feel at home, welcomed and relaxed.

We offer these unique breaks from 1st November until 28th February. You can stay for a few days or a few weeks. All activities are optional. Replenish your mind and body with our holiday following a vegan diet, exercise, time in nature, tai chi, cookery, acceptance, happiness therapy and meditation.

What is included?

All vegan meals – you choose when you wish to eat, when you wish to get up and when you would like to eat. Vegan meals have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve mental mood and wellbeing. If you wish you can assist with the cooking and learn lots of vegan cookery tips and new recipes.

Watch the sunrise and sunsets on the beach.

Optional walks along the beach or nature trails. 3 leisurely walks per day. Spending time in nature.

Smile therapy – we recommend spending your time here with a full or partial smile.

Talking time – Sharing your thoughts and feelings if you wish in a safe, secure, non-judgemental and loving environment.

Daily mindfulness practice.

Creative lunchtime kitchen where we all help to prepare a simple vegan meal to eat together.

Tai chi/qigong classes in nature.

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