Our next Raw Food Workshop – Sunday 4th October ♥♥♥

Our next raw food class is on Sunday 4th October at the usual time of 2 to 5 pm..

Living foods are rich in living enzymes, bio-photons, chlorophyll, phytonutrients and other compounds which are essential for health and optimal digestion. Healthy enzymes do not survive temperatures greater than 46°C (most enzymes degrade at around 41°C).

Food in its natural and fresh state has more life force in it and is healing and energising for our immune system. Feel the benefits and the life force flow through you.

The class begins with an optional 10 minute guided meditation.

We will be creating a two-course meal to eat in or to take home. Cooking alfresco with non GM & mostly organic whole foods ingredients.

raw food class winter 15

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